Artist's Statement

I have been exploring themes of memory since 2002, primarily focused on episodic and autobiographical memory and, at times have considered the concept of genetic memory.  Childhood memories obviously affect our impressions of the world around us, and the decisions we make in the present, but can the experiences of our ancestors have an affect on whom we are now and the choices we make in this life? Surely it would take an extreme memory of either exhilaration or trauma to have a presence in a descendent. As some children are described as old souls, are these old souls affected by memories of past lives, or those of their ancestors? Do these old memories draw us to certain places? Do they make us feel at home in otherwise new places? Can they affect other choices that direct our life’s path?


We are a collection of memories -- of places and experiences and the objects that we collect. In my work I have focused on bringing together positive memories and the places where they were created.  In combining the person and place or place and object, etc. together they create wholeness, a completed memory of those times that felt like everything fell into the right place. The times that you wish would go on forever.


They can also suggest new stories, an unexpected path to explore. An experience that seems perfectly normal, with an exception, and that exception is extraordinary. Disappearing and appearing, inanimate objects that grow, flightless beings that float, objects suspended from the sky, etc. obviously altering the natural world in a mysterious way.  Maybe even more compelling are times when nature supplies this unexpected element through unexpected weather or nature, then the scene is so compelling it makes us stop what we’re doing and be more intensely in that moment.


I have always been drawn to nature, growth and new growth, spring, blooming, and change. Alternately I find its very opposite, history represented by old cities and villages equally as compelling. Representations of so many memories, so many stories to tell. Older architecture makes us feel connected to the past like nothing else. Walking through it feels like we are continuing a story because of the decisions our ancestors made that brought us to this place at this time.


I focus on combining places, people, and objects to tell a story. The places become a part of who we are and we change how they appear as well. Reciprocating growth, it repairs us as we cultivate its beauty. I am interested in exploring unfinished stories, the mysterious, and forms of escape. Having been raised near both woods and the ocean these elements have entered my work more.  With more recent work, I have been interested in incorporating movement, the passage of time, and with a variety of perspectives.


My intent for the viewer is to offer a place to enter an unexpected but welcome experience.  Various elements appear with qualities not found in the natural world, or they are combined in unexpected ways, to present an altered reality that is both calming and uplifting.

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